Presenting Large Tables in Power View (Can I, not How To)

I am new to Microsoft BI. I’ve been working with Crystal Reports for about 10 years and am ready to expand my horizons with this new technology.  The thing is, my users are accustomed to working with tabular data.  A lot of my users are product buyers and they like to look at numbers related to lots of products all at one time.  This involves tables, often quite large tables.

What I am finding, and I hope I am wrong, is that Power View is not at all oriented towards working with tables.  So far I can’t find a way to change the size of a view or even scroll laterally when there are simply too many columns to comfortably fit within a view.

Is Power View only for dashboards? Am I missing something? Am I just using the wrong tool? I would love to present my buyers with interactive, screen based reports for inventory and sales analysis, but maybe this is the wrong system for that.

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